About LU

Leading University (LU) is the first Government Approved Private University of Sylhet, Bagladesh founded by renowned Philanthropist Mr. Ragib Ali. On his proposal for establishing Leading University to the Ministry of Education on 24th August. 1996, the Ministry issued permission on 28th August 2001 to establish this University. And the Leading University was inaugurated its functions with 107 students on 4th March 2002.

Journey of LUPS

On August, 2012 the Founder Md Shakir Khan, Senior Lecturer of the department of EEE officially approached the authority proposing a constitution for the society. As a consequence of this a photographic society named “Leading University Photographic Society” (LUPS) has officially approved by the university authority. Following a general meeting the Founder of the society then arranged an intra exhibition at the University to gather enthusiastic and energetic students in a common platform who has dedication in photography in order to run the society smoothly. Together with the Founder Convener Rezwan Ahmed Chowdhury, a student from the department of Law and other enthusiastic students, LUPS blasted an unexpected response, support and crowd at the very first exhibition “Mind’s Eye Photography Exhibition Season I” at Rabeya Khatun Auditorium in Leading University. The exhibition ran for 3 days from 18th November, 2012 to 20th November, 2012. At the ending ceremony of the exhibition on 20th November the LUPS got its first Steering Committee consisting of some real vigorous photography freak student. That where the enormous journey of LUPS has began.


Aim of Photography is our passion as well as a hobby. Celebrating Photographers is what we do. Our aim is to offer a platform on which Interested student of Leading University can promote their work to a wider audience and to help People pursue Photography as a hobby and also grow in their career. We want to stimulate conversation around photography and thus Promotion of photography in the campus and bringing like-minded people, interested in photography, is the main motive of the club.


  • Represent the university throughout the whole world with the art of photography
  • Develop member’s skills in photography
  • Speaks for the neglected people of the society through the photography
  • Promote photography as a means of communication, scientific tool and art form
  • Cover all the events and programs of the university
  • Hold an annual exhibition to showcase our member’s work
  • Extend our photographic skills and knowledge by running trips
  • Provide a meeting place for students interested in photography
  • Cater for a wide range of skill levels including beginners

what we do !

The Activities of the Club includes Photo-Walks, Photo-Trips, Workshops, Competitions and Exhibitions. We also capture all the Interesting Activities happening within the Campus.