Md. Shakir Khan

Senior Lecturer

Founder Moderator & Adviser Message

Being away from the real vibrancy and excitement of another milestone by Leading University Photographic Society, not making me feel proud but I am truly honored too.

It was all began on 28th July 2012 and since then LUPS never fails to prove its enthusiasm for photography and we leave our footprint in every arena of photographic culture throughout the country. That actually was nativity of the “home for the enthusiastic learners of photography” and the legacy beholds until today. So many stories, so little time and such good memories.

The team behind this revolution is my LUPS family where all of you are beyond the word of thanksgiving. ALL I aspire about you to observe the responsibility to create the opportunity and to change the society in a better way. There is no appetite in the photography itself unless you deliver something to the society, to the country.

Its no secret advising this team is great job I know how lucky I have been to spend the best years of my career doing what I love at truly extraordinary place .LUPS is my love affair with my life.

Iffat Jahan Choudhury


Md. Abdul Musabbir Chowdhury

Assistant Professor

Rumel M S Rahman Pir

Associate Professor